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Rosegarden and QuickCam Package

	Hello, The listprocessor has kicked me off the list for a while, so
I think I've lost some replies to my mail concernig a Rosengarden package.

	I said it needed some working, and as I was working I've got a
cqcam package as a by-product, the Rosegarden package will be ok by this
weekend. But I still have a few doubts about the process of packing I 
have not found in the policy manual.

	The cqcam (Color QuickCam) package generates two programs, 
 cqcam - to take pictures from the command line and the X version, xcqcam.
	Should I create two packages for this? I have created only one 
package that builds and installs both of them at once.

			Thanks for your attention.

                                        |\/| /\ ( /\ |\|
 P.S. What do I have to do in order to contribute the packages to the 
      project? (or: Dear Sr, I wanna become a new maintainer and 
      therefore I request an account on master :-) )

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