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Maelstrom copyright

Hi.  I looked at the now-orphaned maelstrom to see if I wanted to
maintain it, and I found this Copyright file in its archive:

  This software, the Linux port of Maelstrom, may be freely copied
  and used.  It may not be resold or used in a commercial product
  without the consent of Andrew Welch, the author of the original 
  Macintosh version of Maelstrom, and the consent of Sam Lantinga,
  author of the port of Maelstrom to Linux.

  Please don't use the code in this project directly in a game.
  Feel free to use the game programming concepts, however Macintosh
  Maelstrom remains a shareware game by Ambrosia Software.

  Feel free to send any comments or cash. :-)


          -Sam Lantinga                   <slouken@devolution.com>

It looks to me like it should not be in 'games' but in 'non-free'.
The "may not be resold" clause means it can't be put on a CD for sale,
and the "...or used in a commercial product" clause probably conflicts
with item 6 of the Free Software Guidlines.

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