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Re: Perl Code Obfuscator? in debian? No way.

the only commercial one I've seen that handles perl is "Shroud-it!"
which has a demo version under DOS, but it's $90 for a one-shot use
which might cut into your  budget (and really, it doesn't do much more
than clever search and replace -- you could probably *write* shroudit
in perl in a weekend of hacking :-)

Given the name you can probably find it with altavista without too
much work.  If anyone has pointers (free or commercial) to other tools
(I know about C-shroud already, even though they no longer market it)
I'd appreciate them, for a whitepaper I'm working on...

As for dump/undump: there is an undump that is part of the emacs
build; that's probably good enough for perl use as well. (undump with
emacs is fun; you can *usually* take a coredump'ed emacs, fire it up
again with undump, and get all your buffers back :-)

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