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Re: Utmp/wtmp handling in glibc/libc6

In article <199708010814.KAA22480@hall.phys.uva.nl>,
ir. Mark M._Kettenis <kettenis@phys.uva.nl> wrote:
>Hi folks,
>I noticed that Debian is "converting to GNU LIBC 6".  


>The GNU C Library will provide a daemon to make sure that both libc5
>and libc6 programs will be able to function correctly and will be

Debian has another, simpler solution for this. Personally, I would
not like yet ANOTHER daemon running on my machine. Read on..

>work it is VERY important that programs linked against libc6 DO NOT
>access /var/run/utmp and /var/log/wtmp directly.  Instead they should
>use the functions provided in libc and libutil:
>* utmpname()
>* setutent()
[.. etc ..]

The Debian libc5 for Debian-2.0 converts the libc5 utmp struct to a
libc6 struct internally, and reads/writes that. So the FS interface
is libc6 structs, while the application sees libc5 structs. As long
as they use the library interface, ofcourse.

>header file.  Note that updwtmp() is provided in libutil in the
>current release (2.0.4) but has been moved to libc in the development

What about 2.0.5 which will be out soon?

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