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Re: Re^2: Link to Japanese Debian?

Martin Alonso Soto Jacome wrote:
> Wouldn't it be better to translate the whole Packages file at once
> instead if doing a separated translation for each package? 

It would be simpler for stable, which has a new Packages file every
point release, but unstable build a new Packages file every day.

More: people deriving from Debian rebuild their own Packages file using
dpkg tools; how to manage that?

> I think
> dealing with translations for many languages would imply a serious
> burden for every maintainer, ...

I agree, but I think it is the right way to go.
For normal docs, I always say to send them upstream, to be included in
the sources, but I know that only a few packages has already
translations in them, and little more can have.
Probably we should coordinate the team translators to send to each
maintainer the translated descriptions divided per package, not per
language (I mean joining the descriptions of one package in all the
languages we support and send them ONCE to the maintainer, once on every
changes he make in the description, which is not very often)

> Additionally, I think
> it is possible to write a tool for comparing Packages files in such a
> way that translators can know which package descriptions have changed
> and which ones haven't, thus reducing a lot the workload imposed on
> translation teams.

diff -y could do that.

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