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Re: libreadlineg2?

On Sun, 27 Jul 1997, joost witteveen wrote:

> > Grepping the Package file in hamm:
> > 
> > mitchell:binary$ grep libreadlineg2* P*
> > Depends: libc6, libreadlineg2, ncurses3.4
> > Depends: libc6, libreadlineg2, ncurses3.4
> > Depends: libc6, libreadlineg2 (>= 2.1-2.1), ncurses3.4
> > Depends: libc6, libreadlineg2 (>= 2.1-2.1), ncurses3.4, netbase
> > Depends: libc6, libreadlineg2, ncurses3.4
> > 
> > Several packages seem to depend on it, but no package provides it.
> > What's up?  Am I just rushing things? (I'm looking to get the hamm
> > gdb running, and gdb is one of the dependers)
> Now, what architecture have you?


> Really, I cannot answer your question without knowing what architecture
> you have, like all other problem reports. Yes, if this were a
> new problem you should have filed a bug against ftp.debian.org,
> but this problem is so old it's been solved already, so don't bother
> fileing the bug, nor bother with the architecture field, as it's
> utterly arch independant: the "bug" is that Guy was on holiday
> (don't know what architecture-holiday that was). But if you take
> a recent mirror of unstable, you'll be OK.

I have a very slow and very unreliable net connection.  I spent four
days last week trying to mirror hamm/hamm/binary/devel, and wasn't able
to get it all.  I've given up on thoughts of mirroring hamm, and will
have to try to keep up by ftp'ing individual files.

I checked my Packages file, though, and found that it was three days old,
so I ftp'd the current Packages.gz (247450 bytes in 592 seconds (0.41
Kbytes/sec) -- that's uncommonly fast for me, but then it is 7PM Sunday
Night here, and early Sunday morning in the U.S.).

When I zgrepped the Packages.gz file here, I still saw no package
providing libreadlineg2.

Can you provide any more constructive advice than suggesting that I
mirror the hamm archive?  That takes a prohibitively long time at
a few hundred bytes per second.  (Less than that, actually.  My
power was off for three hours today, and my ISP was down for
four more hours after my power came back on.)

> Just another reason why I don't think architecture fields in bugreports
> [...]

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