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Re: Non-free, Contrib and CDs (Was Re: GNU Win32? Not anymore.)

Bill Mitchell wrote:
> As I understand it, it's not that we want to be anal about getting
> permission, it's that we want to be anal (perhaps "dogmatic" would
> be a better word here) about the DFSG.  We now insist that all
> DFSG violators (except for DFSG item 2 violators) go in non-free.
> Non-free is not any longer just for software which we judge to be
> not freely distributable.
> I downloaded the qt1 binary and took a look at the docs, as you
> suggested in an earlier posting .  It seems to me that qt1 violates
> several aspects of the DFSG.


Of course, there is no doubt that qt1 is not free software.  But
/usr/doc/qt1/copyright in
particular says that the author has given permission for it to be
distributed on CDs.  So I
think it should be moved to contrib ASAP.

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