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Re: non-US reorganization (was Re: Bug#11333: dependency problem in ssh?)

On Fri, 18 Jul 1997, Philip Hands wrote:

> > The non-US section should be splitted as has been done with contrib and 
> > non-free. There should be debian-non-US/bo and debian-non-US/hamm
> > hierarchies. As it is now, non-US is the ugly sister of the "US" sections.
> > It even doesn't have an "overrides" file! (no Priority, no Section)
> It probably needs to be split even further:
>   debian-non-US/bo/main
>   debian-non-US/bo/contrib
>   debian-non-US/bo/non-free
>   debian-non-US/hamm/main
>   debian-non-US/hamm/contrib
>   debian-non-US/hamm/non-free
> For example, it looks like the latest ssh (1.2.20) in no longer free, so what 
> with libc5/6 I should be uploading it as all four of these:
>   debian-non-US/bo/main/ssh_1.2.19-3.deb
>   debian-non-US/bo/non-free/ssh_1.2.20-3.deb
>   debian-non-US/hamm/main/ssh_1.2.19-4.deb
>   debian-non-US/hamm/non-free/ssh_1.2.20-4.deb
> depressing, isn't it.  I've no idea how we then persuade dpkg to do something 
> sensible with the result.

Do you really think this is worth the troubles? Please recall that there
are currently 10 (ten) packages in non-us! So if you divide these 10
packages into 3 sections... I don't think this is necessary.

However, I think we really should divide non-us into stable and unstable



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