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Re: is this list alive?

From: SirDibos <jwalther@citytel.net>
> Why arent I getting any messages from the list? =(

Why am I getting so many? The list is definitely alive. All attempts
to kill it have failed. It's the un-dead mailing list!

There is a problem with the root name servers on the internet today.
If you are having trouble more than just today, please send email to
Pete Templin <templin@bucknell.edu> . He is the list administrator.

Why do people get dropped from the list? Because their mail bounces.
The list automaticaly removes people who have their mailboxes fill up,
who turn their workstations off for long enough that messages bounce
back to the list server, who are having systems problems at their mail
site, etc. We don't make it a manual process because there are too many
problems happening every day with so many people reading the list, and
the list administrator would not have time to solve all of these
problems manually. Generally, you can re-subscribe after the list has
dropped you.


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Trouble?  e-mail to templin@bucknell.edu .

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