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New package: TkStep.

Hi everybody,

	I finally managed to pack TkStep, a replacement for Tk 4.2
with the NEXTSTEP look'n'feel. Before uploading it I wanted to
know if I did everything all-right (that's my 2nd package and
the first multi-binary i do).

	The first binary package, "tkstep42", contains the
library libtkstep4.2.so.1 (soname libtkstep4.2.so.1) in
/usr/lib, wishstep4.2 linked against it in /usr/bin and
a special libtk4.2.so.1 (with soname libtk4.2.so.1) in


so by putting /usr/lib/tkstep in ld.so.conf is possible to
override the standard libtk4.2. Is that right? (I modify
ls.so.conf in the postinst script...)

	The second package provides the standard tk include
files and the libs libtkstep4.2.so (a link) and libtkstep4.2.a.
This package conflicts with tk-dev and, obviously provides it too.

	I missed something? Any comment? Thanx and ciao.

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