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Re: The i2o Bus: A Conspiracy Against Free Software?

Bruce Perens <bruce@pixar.com> wrote:
> Check out http://www.i2osig.org/ "i2o" is a developing "non-proprietary"
> standard for high-performance computer peripherals.

I saw nothing that prohibited a member from providing specifications
on their i2o products.  Then again, I did not find a copy of the 
technology contribution agreeement on the site.

It does look like the architecture itself won't be available without NDA,
so as far as free software is concerned, it's a non-architecture -- free
software is going to have to get by with implementing drivers for specific

Of course, if it's a good architecture, there will be a lot of commonality
between such drivers, and over time the incremental development burden
of producing a new driver will fall fairly low.

Overall, I'd say this group looks about as bad as OSF.


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