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Re: HTML-Editors?

On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, Paul Seelig wrote:

> Looks like you want to package "asWedit-3.0" for nonfree. It is IMHO
> the best HTML editor around for Linux / Unix and an excellent GUI
> program but it is definitely not free. It has a noncommercial version
> for free usage though that is so powerful that it makes me wonder what
> makes the commercial version any better. Check out it's homepage at
> "http://www.advasoft.com/";  for more in depth information. 

There may be a problem with packaging that up.  The License says, in part:
+ GRANT. AS grants you (hereafter, Licensee) a non-exclusive license to use
+ the Software free of charge provided that:
+ (a) you are a student, faculty member or staff member of an educational
+     and you use the Software for non-commercial purposes only;
+ -or-
+ (b) your use of the Software is for the purpose of evaluating whether to
+     purchase a commercial version of the Software. The evaluation period
+     is limited to 60 days.
and it goes on to say:
+ RESTRICTED USE.  You may not copy the Software, except for backup or
+ archival purposes.  Any such copy made by you shall be subject to this
+ Agreement and shall contain all of AS's notices regarding copyrights,
+ trademarks and other proprietary rights as contained in the Software
+ originally provided to you.  You may not lend, rent, lease or
+ otherwise transfer the Software.  The Software is protected by the
+ copyright laws and copyright treaties.

The commercial version sells for $149, $30 for manuals, $20 for shipping.
A site license is $4300.

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