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section for license (atp)

I'm considering packaging atp, a text to postscript converter
which I rather like, but the license says

 *      atp.c v1.2   - January 28, 1995
 *      Ascii to Postscript translator
 *      Copyright (C) 1995 Paolo Severini {lendl@dist.dist.unige.it}
 *      Permission to use and modify this software and its
 *      documentation for any purpose other than its incorporation
 *      into a commercial product is hereby granted without fee.
 *      Permission to copy and distribute this software and its
 *      documentation only for non-commercial use is also granted
 *      without fee, provided, however, that the above copyright
 *      notice appear in all copies, that both that copyright notice
 *      and this permission notice appear in supporting documentation.
 *      The author makes no representations about the suitability
 *      of this software for any purpose.  It is provided ``as is'',
 *      without express or implied warranty.

I guess this means it is a candidate for non-free?
This is only my second package.

Hamish Moffatt, StudIEAust                    moffatt@yallara.cs.rmit.edu.au
Student, computer science & computer systems engineering.    3rd year, RMIT.
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