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Re: GNU Win32? Not anymore.

From: Bill Mitchell <mitchell@mozcom.com>
> It sounds to me as if Cygnus would allow free redistribution,
> but place restriction on usage by some users.  That would make
> this package a candidate for contrib, right?

For non-free as far as I can tell. Non-free is for programs
with licenses that don't fit our published guidelines.

> (IMO, the names "contrib" and "non-free" contribute more
> confusion than clarity about what is contained there.
> "usage-restricted" and "distribution-restricted" might be
> better names, more descriptive of what's contained there.)

I'm not clear why you propose "usage-restricted" for "contrib". Contrib
is programs that depend on non-free software but are themselves free
(Qt and Motif applications), programs that are free but don't come with
source code at all (some games, I think), programs that we don't want to
put in the main distribution because they are too buggy (npasswd-boulder)
or for some reason aren't a good fit for Debian, etc.


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