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Re: smail policies

On Fri, Jul 11 1997 22:20 +1000 Hamish Moffatt writes:
> Both berolist
> and smartlist seem to want newaliases which is not part
> of smail, only sendmail. The package maintainer for berolist
> tells me he's never tried it with smail, only sendmail.

>From the policy:
   /etc/aliases is the source file for the system mail aliases (e.g.
   postmaster, usenet, etc.) - it is the one which the sysadmin and
   postinst scripts may edit. After /etc/aliases is edited the program or
   human editing it must call newaliases. All MTA packages should come
   with a newaliases program, even if it does nothing, but older MTA
   packages do not do this so programs should not fail if newaliases
   cannot be found.

This nothing to do with the mailer itself (being smail/sendmail/qmail/exim
or whatever).


PS: Mail a maint-only bug to smail, berolist and smartlist.

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