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Re: GNU Win32? Not anymore.

Shaya Potter wrote:
> i.e. if they say the software is LGPL'd for normal
> use, but if the use is deemed to be in competition with them, than they
> are operating under the GPL.  Is that legal?

They don't say that the software will be LPGL'd for normal use -
future releases will be under the "Cygwin32 License".

Here's an excerpt from their license at:

| [You can use "cygwin.dll" with software you develop provided you are not 
| an embedded systems developer or a
| compiler developer.] 
| Provided 
|      you are not an Embedded Systems Software Company, and 
|      you do not reproduce and/or distribute the Cygwin32_DLL for or 
|      on behalf of an Embedded_Systems_Software_Company, and 
| you do not reproduce and/or distribute the Cygwin32_DLL as part 
| of a Compiler_Suite, 
| then you may reproduce and/or distribute the Cygwin32_DLL for use with 
| non-GNUPro_Toolkit software. 

Frankly - it's a bit clearer about what you can do with it than 
releasing it under the GPL (since it's a library).  That's good.

But it's just another example of a potentially really good Free 
Software project going private.  It's also a bit disturbing that
they prefer to issue a license like this, when they are such large
contributors to the GNU toolset.  

I always thought that their primary distinction as a company was that 
they were the "most successful free software company".  Oh well, I 
wasn't planning to buy into their upcoming IPO anyways...  :-)


 - Jim

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