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Re: staroffice.deb

On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, Martin Schulze wrote:

> Brian White writes:
> > > The installer installes wrapper for all programs: swriter3, scalc3,
> > > simage3, sdraw3, schart3
> > 
> > Why the trailing "3"?
> Star Office 3.1.  I can install them without the trailing number.
> This is the name that StarDivision has given.
> The programs from Star Office 4.x might be called swriter4, dunno.
> As I haven't received complains I'm willing to release the installer
> next week (I'm off for the weekend so no chance to get that done
> earlier)

the menu file seems to be corrupt in some way, it said for everyline,
something like "newline not expected", but when I checked it, every thing
seemed OK.


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