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Re: Should cron.{daily,weekly,monthly} be niced?

On Jul 10, Kevin Dalley wrote
>The debian-user mailing list has recently received some complaints
>about the find in cron.daily running at standard priority and slowing
>down the system.  While findutils is my responsibility, I think that
>it would be better to nice cron.{daily,weekly,monthly} rather than
>have each package have to nice its own cron job.  In that case, cron
>needs to modified.
>Does any else have opinions on this issue?
>Kevin Dalley

In the case of this find job, I don't think using nice will make
a huge difference.  It tends to tie up the bottleneck associated
with accessing the hard drive.  Since nice will only make the
find job take a back seat when the cpu is slammed, the only way
that nice would help is if you're doing something cpu-intensive.

Using nice for the cron jobs still seems like a good idea to me,
but I don't think it will do anything about these complaints.


   - rick

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