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Re: perl code for decoding tar files...

joost witteveen:
> And, that libg++272-2.7.2_5.orig.tar.gz currently cannot be extracted
> by dpkg-source, an error that doesn't relate to the 100+ character
> problem (I've tried moving my source tree to /, and extract it there.
> Same problem, while the filenames inside the .tar.gz really aren't
> longer than about 50 chars).

Didn't you get my reply (and completly untested patch) for that? Here it is 

--- /usr/bin/dpkg-source        Tue May 20 22:23:53 1997
+++ dpkg-source Fri Jul  4 14:50:52 1997
@@ -768,6 +768,7 @@
     close(TAR); $? && subprocerr("tar -t");
+    $epfx=quotemeta($epfx);
     @filesinarchive = map { s/^$epfx/$wpfx/; $_ } @filesinarchive;
     %dirincluded = map { s/^$epfx/$wpfx/; $_=>1 } (keys %dirincluded);
     %notfileobject = map { s/^$epfx/$wpfx/; $_=>1 } keys %notfileobject;

> This error seems to be somewhat perl releated

It's a perl coding error, but a very newbish mistake, IMHO. Experienced perl
coders know to quotemeta variables before feeding them to s/// commands.

 -- I'm thinking it'd be better to just rewrite dpkg-source
> or whatever in C

I don't see what the gain would be over cleaning it up/rewriting it in perl. 

> using the normal tar programme and checking the
> resulting source tree afterwards.

This, I agree, would be much better. Same with all the braindead patch
checking it does.

see shy jo

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