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Problem compiling kernel 2.0.30

I have my X set to 640x400, cause I were to lazy to change the settings
up to now, and when I started 'xconfig' I was anoyed that there was no
scrollbar in the main menu, but in the submenues. Maybe that could be
changed sometime.

I then used 'menuconfig' by typing 'make menuconfig' and it made it for
i386 although I have Debian m68k. I had to change the ARCH field in the
makefile for it to work. The architecture should be eigther preset to
the right arch, asked for or determined automatically.

I the set all the options I saw fit and saved the changes.

I also did 'make dep; make clean', but an 'make zImage' didn't work,
since the kernel is called 'vmlinux' on m68k. A dummy entry or a node in
the kernel FAQ would help newbies.

After reading the makefile I then did 'make', which does the right thing
by itself, but it faild again with some errors in main.c.

I will have a look at them closer soon and see if it's the config or a
bug or if something is missing or whatever.

May the source be with you.

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