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Re: Recompiling packages for Pentium.

On Sun, 6 Jul 1997, Jim Pick wrote:

> > Is it possible, as some people mentioned, to recompile packages to take
> > advantage of gcc-pentium.  This could be like the m68k port. 
> I'm in favour of this - as long as the packages compiled for the 386 are
> still available.  I've got a few 386's and 486's that are running Debian.

Could someone please confirm weather pgcc actually makes use of any
pentium specific instructions?

I really doubt that it does, but your never know. Every 'Pentium'
optimizing compiler I have used has only effected the choice of which 386
instructions to use, ie some combinations pipeline better on the pentium
but give a couple clock cycle hit on the 386.


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