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Re: Recompiling packages for Pentium.

> Is it possible, as some people mentioned, to recompile packages to take
> advantage of gcc-pentium.  This could be like the m68k port. 

I'm in favour of this - as long as the packages compiled for the 386 are
still available.  I've got a few 386's and 486's that are running Debian.

As long as we have enough disk space - why not optimize for everything
out there?  Optimizing for Pentium seems like an excellent place to
start, since they are so common.  Any idea what the performance gain
would be?

This might be a step towards enhancing the packaging system to handle
source dependencies, and automated compiling/optimizing.  If we were
to support super-optimized distributions, then it would be a could way
to test out an automated building system for packages.  Even if the
performance gain is slight, it would make sense if the effort to
support it was not great.


 - Jim

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