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pentium gcc package

I have a very prelimenary package of gcc-pentium, and cpp-pentium (not
sure we need that package, probably don't).  As I said this is very
prelimenary.  I haven't had time to build a source package, mostly because
I am not sure what to call the source.  The source is stock
gcc-2.7.2+about a 3 meg gziped patch file from the pentium people.  I'll
probably end up calling the patched source pgcc, and the packages it
created gcc-pentium....

These are very experimental packages, and as I have them right now,
they'll kill your regular gcc, so don't install them on normal development
systems.  I am right now recompiling it with itself, to see how well it
works, but if anyone want to jump the gun, and try this stuff out, they
can find some packages at http://chum.itd.nrl.navy.mil/

Remember this is all experimental, and it's gcc, so it's an important part
of your system.


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