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Re: should we implement a /etc/games?

>>"Vincent" == Vincent Renardias <vincent@waw.com> writes:

Vincent> On Sat, 5 Jul 1997, David Frey wrote:

>> -------- On Sat, Jul 5 1997 14:24 +0300 Riku Voipio writes: The
>> solution could be a /etc/games , which would nicely fold them away
>> from sysadmins eyes. What do you think?
>> Sure, good idea. (I assume xtrontrc is not just an example file,
>> but is actually a global configuration file. I don't know how many
>> games actually use global configuration files, though).

Vincent> But should we use '/etc/games', or '/usr/etc/games' ? _(;

	Following the FFSTND, and our policy, this should go in
 /etc. So far we have *all* conf files in /etc, which is nice,
 and clean, and sysadmins have tools they should be using to manage
 groups of workstations anyway.

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