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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases

On Mon, 30 Jun 1997, Brian C. White wrote:

> Upcoming Dates
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> June 30, 1997	Bug reports against all non-libc6 packages.
> July 1, 1997    Bugs older than 9 months will be marked as overdue.
> July 15, 1997	All uploaded libraries must depend on libc6.
> July 31, 1997	All uploaded packages must depend on libc6.
> August 1, 1997  Bugs older than 8 months will be marked as overdue.
> August 31, 1997	All packages depending on libc[45] will be moved to contrib.
> September 1,'97 Bugs older than 7 months will be marked as overdue.

I think it would be good to define the "freeze dateline" and the "release
date" soon. 

> * Remove "--force-overwrite" flag from dpkg defaults

Do you have any plans to check this? I just upgraded my bo system to hamm
and ran into problems with a few packages which tried to overwrite some

I suggest to write a Perl script to check for duplicate files in the whole
archive. Unless someone else wrote such a script I would volunteer.



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