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Re: Next approach: Documentation Policy

On Thu, 3 Jul 1997, Yann Dirson wrote:

> Chris, Fernando:
> Did you have a look at my proposal under "On compilers, VM's, etc." ?
> I think the ideas I expose in it would allow a quite more general
> handling of all these document formats, and more.

Of course I've seen your mail! I just read the whole thread once again to
be sure I didn't miss something.

If I may summarize it: You suggest to "mix" our current source packages
with binary packages since you consider the terms "source" and "binary"
inaccurate. Thus, we would gain "source package dependencies"
automatically, etc., and it would also make all "binary-arch" directories
obsolete. Every "package" would depend on the necessary "vm's". 

> It's certainly not ready to be applied right now, as we don't have the
> necessary tools, but it should be seen as a medium-term proposal.

This is surely a _very_ systematic approach! But what are the benefits
from it?
> I agree that it might increase the load of work for the developper,
> but a great deal of work could be automated by the
> in-archive-installation procedure.

I'm sure it would bring us _lots_ of new work and I'm not sure what we
would gain from it.



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