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Re: The TWIN stuff from willows

> On Thu, 3 Jul 1997, Erik B. Andersen wrote:
> > I attempted to pack up the TWIN stuff last night, and found the 
> > process a bit challenging.  Does anyone know of a really good example 
> > of packing up a library?  Preferably something that follows all the 
> > rules, and obeys all the latest things that ought to be obeyed, etc...
> > Also, was it resolved that shared libraries no longer need `chmod a+x`?
> The next policy will have this changed. You can use mode 644 for it.
> > As i currently understand the policy manual I guess I will be creating 
> > three packages:  twin-dev twin-bin and twin.
> What's the purpose of the "twin-bin" package of you have another "twin"
> package?
> Thanks,
> Chris
> --                 Christian Schwarz

I checked the online Debian Policy manual, and it stated in section 3.7:

  If your package has some run-time support programs which use the shared
  library you must not put them in the shared library package. If you do 
  that then you won't be able to install several versions of the shared
  library without getting filename clashes. Instead, either create a third 
  package for the runtime binaries (this package might typically be named
  libraryname-runtime - note the absence of the soname in the package name)
  or if the development package is small include them in there.

I assumed that that ment that executable programs, such as the "xwin"
windows emulator that is based on the twin libs should be in a seperate
package.  If it is better to put it somewhere else, let me know, and I will
do it that way.


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