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Re: The TWIN stuff from willows

On Jul 2, Erik B. Andersen wrote
> I don't know if anyone has recently taken a look at http://www.willows.com
> but it seems that the "Canopy group" which is apparently sponsered by Caldera
> has bought willows, and then released their TWIN windows emulation
> libraries under the LGPL.   [...]   It comes
> with a windows emulator program, based on their libs, called "xwin".

Wanna really know? If this is _really_ the LGPL, I believe this means Linux
just reached maturity as an end-user desktop system overnight.

Yes this may sound too enthusiastic, but most people I couldn't "sell" Linux
were worried that they couldn't run Word. We have compatibility; so users
can gradually start to realize the native Linux apps are better ;-) and
switch. If this is in Debian 2.0 it will sell like water. I'm serious - the
"sell" is not methaforical, people will look for it in the stores.

Is this stuff fast? [don't think so]

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