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Re: Next approach: Documentation Policy

> man pages tools are designed for on-demand conversion, info tools
> are designed for before-demand conversion.

bwahahaha... umm, the only reason manpages are "on-demand" is that CPU
power has increased by a factor of 100 or more[1] since the format was
introduced.  nroff was a descendent[2] of "runoff", a batch-processed
formating language on Multics and earlier systems...  the reason
"catman" exists is because it *did* take a long time to crunch a
single man page -- you really wanted to get the cat page instead if

The one change I'd make to makeinfo to bring them a little more in
line, is to have it generate a single file, preferably
incrementally... oh wait:
   --no-split             suppress splitting of large files.
I guess that's there already... certainly
	makeinfo --no-split --output - ~/elisp/w3/w3.txi | less
behaves in a very man-like (that is to say, primitive) manner... so
I don't think it is necessary to "re-write the tools"...

			_Mark_ <eichin@kitten.gen.ma.us> N1DPU
			The Herd of Kittens
			A Debian Maintainer

[1] BSD 4.2 on a VAX 750, ~1 MIPS...
[2] well, "moral" descendent, I don't know how much of a real
connection there is but the actual markup used is somewhat similar,
and the *name* is certainly derivative.

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