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Re^2: fixhrefgz - tool for converting anchors to gzipped files

Am 30.06.97 schrieb cas # taz.net.au ...

Moin Craig!

CS> remember that not all .gz files are compressed documentation that needs
CS> to be decompressed on the fly. e.g. you put the linux kernel source on
CS> your web server for anyone to download. Do you really want apache or
CS> whatever to decompress a 6+MB .tar.gz file on-the-fly while sending it
CS> out to someone?

I don't see the problem. Using mod_rewrite the apache will decompress  
*only* .html.gz files in /usr/doc (see iX 12/96).

CS> modify lynx, mosaic, chimera, etc so that:

Remember commercial browser's like netscape! You don't have the source to  
fix something.

CS> we can't patch netscape, but that's not our problem. people using

Your are kidding. 95% of our users use netscape as their browser.

CS> netscape will just have to use dwww (which should be the preferred way
CS> of browsing debian docs anyway).

No, why should we use a cgi script and a www server?

CS> I'm getting really tired of netscape 4.0b5 crashing when I do Really
CS> Bad Things like click on a page to select a link or foolishly try to

Why are you using a beta release?

CS> and have it just die for no apparent reason. Netscape is becoming yet
CS> another example of why free software is better than commercial/non-free.

That's not the question.

cu, Marco

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