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Re: Linux evangelism (fwd)

On Wed, 2 Jul 1997, Colin R. Telmer wrote:

> As a bit of background, Pournelle is a science fiction writer who has been
> using personal computers since the CP/M days in the seventies. He has a
> lot of computers in his house, and he always seems to be encountering
> problems with them. Even though he could once deal with CP/M and DOS, he
> seems to have largely migrated to Windows 95, and he now seems to use MS
> Word for his writing. I don't recall him ever saying much about Unix.

I haven't been reading Byte for a long time, but I do recall a number of
comments that Mr. Pournelle has made about UNIX in the past.  They went
something along the line of his not being willing to spend months or years
of effort to become familiar with UNIX.  I think he has also mentioned
that his son on the other hand, is quite comfortable with UNIX and has
tried to get his Dad to reconsider his point of view.  It sounds like it
may be possible to interest him in trying out Linux, but expect him to be
quite picky about the amount of tweaking or care and feeding it requires. 
I don't think he would have too much patience with an installation
procedure that didn't go smoothly. Perhaps if this became a father and son
project it would work well, as his son could get them past any rough spots
that they may encounter. 

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