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Re: debian-non-US mirrors (was Re: debmake)

Jim Pick wrote:
> Canada doesn't have a NSA-like organization that has to protect it's
> turf - so the regulations are pretty loose.  The only thing not
> permitted is re-exporting crypto stuff that was illegally exported
> from the US, AFAIK.

Actually, if you check out EAR (and indeed ITAR before that) you will
find that both documents explicitly excluded Canada from their
restrictions.  My understanding is that it is not illegal to export
crypto stuff from the US into Canada.  Read for yourself at:


In fact, as far as pgp goes, Canadians are supposed to use the us
version of pgp (which uses rsaref) as Canada respects the RSA

The bit I'm not too sure of is whether Canada restricts re-export
of said crypto outside of Canada.  In the past I've been told there
are no such restrictions, however, I have no way of confirming nor
denying this information.  Canada's policies on crypto have evolved
since then.

I'm no lawyer nor politician despite being surrounded by both here
in Ottawa (Canada's Capital).  8)


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