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Re: Debian Policy based on the wrong technical assumptions

[awful timings in a 5 MB machine erased...]
>      (Fernando, buy some RAM.  You need it bad. :-) It makes a BIG
> difference to go to 8-12Mb.)
I use that machine as a firewall and it's fine for that use. My workstation
has 24 Mb.

My point was two show that it is not true that "a web server needs a lot of
resources and therefore it is not suitable for old computers". The fact
I showed is that a web server might improve things in a slow system.

For a system with more resources, it does not matter if you have to wait
1.3 seconds instead of 0.87 seconds.

The only concern left for webserver critics is security (especially in boa.)
That requires either patching boa or using another webserver.


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