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Re: fixhrefgz unnecessary when fixing web-browsers in the correct wayR

> > I just did a "du -s /usr/doc" on my 386DX/33 (8MB RAM, 2-200MB HD) - and
> > it only has 11MB of docs installed.  So uncompressing those isn't going
> > to kill me - I'm sure most other people using old hardware have similar
> > usage.
> > 
> > Who objects?
> 	I do.
> text/html/ps usually compress very well.
> Uncompressing them will probably take something like 3 to 5 times more.
> (The smallest machine on which I have debian has a 80 MB HD)

Ok, I did some more testing.

/usr/doc (with compressed files):  11.072 MB
/usr/doc (totally uncompressed):   25.915 MB

I was going to check out what size it would be if I uncompressed
all the .html.gz files, but there were none - so it makes no

The type of packages that typically will include lots of HTML 
documentation are packages for developers (like the Java JDK docs)
which typically will not be installed on an old 386 or 486 being
used as a router or low-volume web/e-mail server.

I'd prefer compressing man pages and text files - but not HTML
documents.  It's a fair compromise - and it doesn't impact the
disk space requirement on my fairly typical low-end 386 installation
by a single byte.

Makes you sort of wonder why everyone is so excited...  :-)



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