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Re: dpkg-genchanges not working

On Jun 29, csmall@gonzo.triode.net.au wrote
> Pass phrase is good.  Just a moment....
>  dpkg-genchanges
> dpkg-genchanges: failure: cannot read files list file: No such file or
> directory
> $

i know this bug : use new dpkg and it is fixed.  what about
putting new dpkg into stable ? current dpkg is unusable with this bug ...

> so what is a list file? dpkg-genchanges is but dpkg --status says I
> have, hmm
> re-installing dpg_1.4.0.17.deb 

did you install dpkg-dev ? or did you only update dpkg ...

on my system the bug was gone with (dpkg and dpkg-dev) ...

regards, andreas

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