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Re: fixhrefgz, boa

>>>>> Karl M Hegbloom writes:

    Karl> This is from the `boa' README.debian:

    Karl> Transparent compressed file support
    Karl> ----------------------------------- Boa supports transparent
    Karl> access to gzipped files and on the fly decompression of the
    Karl> served html pages. No references need to be changes to
    Karl> .gz. If a file with the extension .html cannot be found then
    Karl> boa will try to find a file with .html.gz. If found this
    Karl> will be decompressed before serving it to the client.

    Karl> Christoph Lameter <clameter@debian.org>, Mon, 23 Dec 1996
    Karl> 20:27:43 -0800

 This is not working correctly at my house.  Boa does grab the .gz
file, and serves it, when I type a URL without the .gz suffix.  But
there is no automatic decompression, and W3 says: |Passing to viewer
sun-message /tmp/url12345.html ""|.  So I think that means the MIME
type header being sent is wrong.

 Is that a problem with `boa', or `mime-support'?  Who can tell us?
It will take me a week to rtfm's.  (which are on deck anyhow.)

 If it sends it out compressed as application/x-gzip, then the browser
should pipe it through `gzip -c'.  Instead, it is asking me for a
filename to save it in, in every browser I've tried it with.

 That means that something is wrong in the "/etc/mailcap" file, right?
I've not taken the time to study out how that works yet.  Does anyone
have a recipe for fixing this problem?

 I will try re-installing the mime-support one time...  Hmmm.  Does
`gzip' install a mailcap entry???

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Portland, OR  USA
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