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Re: fixhrefgz - tool for converting anchors to gzipped files


Christoph, please tell us why using "fixhrefgz" on "html.gz" files does
not work with our web servers.

As far as I have understood, these web servers are so intelligent that if
a file "foo.html" is referenced, but only "foo.html.gz" is found, they
uncompress the file on-the-fly and pass the decompressed version to the
web browser.

However, as you surely know, this does not work without web server, since
the browsers are not looking for "foo.html.gz" if "foo.html" is

Thus, we are considering changing the "href's" to "foo.html.gz" and fix
the browsers, where possible, to uncompress the file on-the-fly. If the
browser cannot be fixed (for example, if we don't have the source code) we
could probably offer a simple web server (e.g. boa) to do this

But why can't "boa" be extended to uncompress "foo.html.gz" on-the-fly
when _this_ file is requested, just as "foo.html" would have been
requested and that file does not exist?



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