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Re: How about e2compr? Was: fixhrefgz debate

On Sat, 28 Jun 1997, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

> Christoph Lameter:
> > There are just the elect few who can handle X.
> This comes from the man that says it's OK to require people
> to have Pentium 200's... I'm sorry, but I can't really stand
> idiots, especially ones who grasp any straw they can in order
Is name calling neccesary, you sound like you are my age. :-)

> to win a debate and have absolutely no idea of what they're
> talking about, even if they do claim to make their living
> with it.
> I won't use killfiles on debian-devel, and I won't ask Christoph
> to leave, so I'm leaving debian-devel myself.  Given the
> temperature of my recent input, it might be just as well, since
> I don't seem to be able to write anything but flames. If anything
> important happens, I assume I will hear about it sooner or later.
> (Browsing HTML does not require X. Never has.)
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