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Re: fixhrefgz - tool for converting anchors to gzipped files

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Christoph Lameter:
> 200Mhz Pentiums are the standard fare today.

I'll remember that the next time I can't afford food.

(Anyeay, even fast machines may be unable to run a web server,
if they need to be secure. Running extra daemons is insecure.)

> The big issue here is that you want to change an existing
> very public API (http protocol) to include compression which

I'm sorry, but you don't know what you're talking about.

When a web browser requests the documentation via HTTP, it
will be uncompressed by the web server. This already works
fine. No problem at all.

When a web browser reads the documentation directly from disk,
it needs to understand how to identify .html.gz as HTML, and how
to uncompress it, so that it can display it.  This works (except
for some versions of Netscape, and that might be fixable). The
only problem is that the documentation contains links to other
files. The browsers are not (yet?) capable of understanding
that when the link is to foo.html, and foo.html doesn't exist,
that they should look for foo.html.gz instead. Because of this,
the link must be modified to point at foo.html.gz directly.

Being able to read documentation directly without running
a web server is very important.

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