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Re: NIS and libc6/hamm?

According to myself:
> passwd:         compat
> group:          compat
> # ll -d ~miquels        
> zsh: abort      /bin/ls -lF -d /home/staff/miquels
> /etc/passwd contains:
> [...]
> nobody:*:65534:65534:nobody:/tmp:/bin/sh
> +@staff::0:0:::
> +::0:0:::/etc/NoShell
> On a machine upgraded from Debian-1.3 to hamm just a few days ago.

According to Helmut Geyer:
> Miquel, did you add nis to the netgroup methods?
> It really looks like it can't resolve the netgroup, not the passwd file.
> I tried to do the same thing and it works for me if the netgroup is
> available (either locally or via nis).

YES! That's the key. Thanks. Still, this looks like a bug to me - I get
coredumps or ABORTs and whatnot, while getpwent() should just fail
and return NULL.

Anyway - thanks a lot!

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