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End of Documentation Discussion

Hi folks!

I think we should came to an end of that _silly_ "Documentation Policy"
discussion. Most people here are discussing topics that are already
decided and topics that would need to be discussed are forgotten.

So I'll make another proposal. This is meant to be a "compromise" that
everyone here should be able to accept. I will _NOT_ accept simple
"objections" this times. If you can't live with this proposal, you'll have
to present another formulation of a paragraph or of the whole text. 

Note, that this is _NOT_ the actual text that will be included in the
Policy Manual. It's meant to contain the "facts" the new policy will be
based on. When we have a consensus about that, I'll present the necessary
policy changes here.

Here is my proposal:

The unification of Debian documentation is being carried out via HTML.

Thus, every documentation that is available in a format which can be
converted into HTML, should be converted, with the exception of manual
pages (they can be converted via dwww at run-time) and source code

In case of converted HTML documentation, the files with original mark up
format should not be provided, unless they are considered as "example
documents" for the mark up language.

Packages that contain programs with GNU info manuals, should provide these
in HTML _and_ in GNU info format. The HTML files should be stored in
the directory
since the new package management system (deity) will be able to identify
these files as info-converted HTML files, which may be removed by the
local sysadmin.

All documentation related files will be kept in the "main binary package"
if they do not exceed 500 kbytes installed size together. (Of course,
documentation-only packages are not covered by this rule.)

One questions remains: Is it possible to browse "html.gz" files _without_
a CGI script with the usual HTML browsers (Netscape, lynx)? If so, we'll
make it policy to gzip all html files and to adopt the references. If not,
we'll have to install all html files gezipped--or add a cgi capable web
server to the base system.

Note, that I checked all packages in "hamm/main" against these rules.
We'll get about 26 new packages. (I added the installed file size of the
files /usr/doc/* and twice the size of /usr/info/*, since these documents
will be translated into HTML too. If this sum is greater than 500kbytes, a
new packages has to be set up.)

Here is a list of packages (hopefully, all non-doc packages :), that would
have to be splitted. The syntax is:

     <package-filename>: <total-doc-size> (doc <size of /usr/doc/*>,
                                           info <size of /usr/info/*>)

Here is the list:

./devel/cvs_1.9-4.deb: 625 (doc 433,info 96)
./devel/ddd_2.1-3.deb: 700 (doc 700,info 0)
./devel/g77_0.5.20-1.deb: 510 (doc 42,info 234)
./devel/binutils_2.8.1-1.deb: 553 (doc 189,info 182)
./devel/libfcgi1-dev_1.5.1-1.deb: 564 (doc 564,info 0)
./devel/slib_2a6-1.deb: 672 (doc 482,info 95)
./devel/doc++_3.01-1.deb: 692 (doc 692,info 0)
        -- the package includes a large ungezipped PostScript file!
./devel/gcc_2.7.2.2-4.deb: 807 (doc 79,info 364)
./devel/libg++27-dev_2.7.2.1-9.deb: 637 (doc 435,info 101)
./devel/libg++272-dev_2.7.2.5-1.deb: 637 (doc 435,info 101)
./editors/emacs_19.34-11.deb: 1830 (doc 42,info 894)
./editors/xemacs19-support_19.15-3.deb: 4654 (doc 0,info 2327)
./games/xconq_7.1.0-3.deb: 998 (doc 998,info 0)
./graphics/povray-misc_3.0.10-2.deb: 969 (doc 969,info 0)
./graphics/ucbmpeg_1r2-2.deb: 1512 (doc 1512,info 0)
./interpreters/gclinfo_2.2-4.deb: 1318 (doc 0,info 659)
./interpreters/scm_4e6-2.deb: 566 (doc 410,info 78)
./mail/mhonarc_2.0.1-1.deb: 793 (doc 793,info 0)
./math/calc_2.02f-1.deb: 980 (doc 36,info 472)
./math/gnuplot_3.5beta6.328-2.deb: 796 (doc 660,info 68)
./tex/latex2html_96.1.h-6.deb: 651 (doc 651,info 0)
./tex/tetex-base_0.4pl8-2.deb: 647 (doc 3,info 322)
./text/lout_3.08-1.deb: 3517 (doc 3517,info 0)
./utils/ftape-2.0.30_3.03a-1.deb: 581 (doc 473,info 54)
./web/arena_1.0b3-1.deb: 701 (doc 701,info 0)
./x11/9term_1.6.6-3.deb: 551 (doc 551,info 0)



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