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Re: Experiences with compiling Debian

> I think inode->name mappings will be better than fd-> name mappings:
> 	- we have a chance of solving the pathalogical case below
> 	- fd->name mappings are no good, have to be (pid,fd)-> name mappings,
> 	  complicates matters:

Hmm... I admit you're right here.

BTW, why not generally work on (device,inode) pairs instead of
filenames? The data structures would be easier to maintain inside the
daemon (just numbers, no strings), we wouldn't have to watch for
symlinks, and of course hard links are obviously solved.

We'd also save wrapping open/close, since inside the fchown()/fchmod()
wrappers you can call stat to get the inode numbers, you don't need
the name anymore!


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