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Re: Documentation Policy

Santiago Vila Doncel:
> On Mon, 23 Jun 1997, Christian Schwarz wrote:
> >   Option 3: We ship .texi files and produce HTML and/or info files on
> >             demand (in the postinst script).

Rather, I'd like us to ship .texi or .info files and produce html on demand
via dwww or some equivialnt. Then installs arn't slowed down, and I've not
seem too many complaints that using man is too slow because it formats the
pages on the fly.

> I think this is not a good idea. Where are these html/info files supposed
> to be generated? Will they remove by itself when you purge the package?
> This has technical problems which I'm not sure they worth the effort.

It works just like man's cache of preformatted pages, or dwww's cache of
info files converted to html.

> Moreover, a .texi file is a *source* file, and, in principle, should not
> be distributed in a *binary* package.

Oh, so is a groff man page a source file too?

see shy jo

I've been on vacation - sorry for any delay in this email.

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