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Re: Documentation Policy

From: Clint Adams <schizo@simons-rock.edu>
> What exactly is the rationale behind the HTML mandate?

We wanted to have a single interface to present all Debian documentation.
We looked at the various means of displaying documentation, and it was
clear that we could convert almost any documentation to HTML, and that
HTML browsers were well-accepted by the users.

Of course, there has already been a good deal of work toward implementing
this in "dwww".

Those users who already prefer "info" format documents, or any other format,
are beyond the level that this policy is directed to.

Someone brought up the point of recursive regular-expression
searching.  Of course this should be done with a CGI script rather than
as a browser facility, so that it would be browser-independent. One
could build a tiny search engine with zgrep and the shell, for


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