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debian in ROM (was: Re: Editor wars considered harmful)

On Tue, 24 Jun 1997, SirDibos wrote:

> On Tue, 24 Jun 1997, Jon Rabone wrote:
> > >Or if anyone interested, make up a special ROM with kernel etc in it, so
> > >the machine will boot from ROM...  Has anyone done this?
> > You'd need about 512 kB of ROM. Where are you going to put it? Ethercard
> > boot ROMS are more like 16 kB.
> Bugger that.  How about 4 megs?  And make it an EPROM..... stash the
> kernel and a basic root fs in there....  update as necessary with a rom
> burner.  What would it take to procure a motherboard that supported that?

I think this thread has strayed away from debian-devel material.
However, I've seen ads for "rom-disk" or "DOS-in-ROM" cards.
These typically provide floppy-sized ROM (no reason it can't
be more), and emulate a floppy controller.  The machine treats
the ROM on the card like a floppy disk -- boots from it, etc.

A minimal system (e.g., the debian "resq" disk) could fit on one
of these cards, or an arbitraily larger system if more ROM was

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