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Re: Documentation Policy


On Tue, 24 Jun 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:

> From: Philip Hands <phil@hands.com>
> > I think we should aim to get all documentation into separate packages.
> Please don't do this. Deity will have the capability to exclude installation
> to certain directories (like /usr/doc) based on a system "policy file".
> Packages should always contain the documentation for their programs in
> at least "HTML" or "man" form. Omitting the documentation should be the
> exception, not the rule.

Well, I think that it would be much cleaner for deity to have the ability
of "grouping" a set of packages to be installed at once instead of
doing partial installs of larger packages.

i.e. Instead of keeping everything in one package and tell deity to do a
"partial install", why not split the package in three (foo, foo-doc-info
and foo-doc-html) and tell deity things like "whenever I select a package,
I want you to automatically select also the associated foo-doc-info
package" ?

This would keep the independence of packages, for example, only
foo-doc-info's postinst should worry about installing or uninstalling 
.info files. Otherwise: Will deity guess which part of the main and big
package postinst is in charge of installing .info or register .html
and skip it?

Moreover, we would not lost our good "granularity" while deity is not
still available.

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