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Re: Editor wars considered harmful

On 23 Jun 1997, Sven Rudolph wrote:

> (Nowadays many people won't install base from floppy, so I'd even risk
> more base floppies, but currently this is plain speculation, because
> there is enough free space (more than 800kBK for 1.44MB floppies).)

Ehhh!  Ix nay!  Hold on!  No way man.  I dont know any other way than to
install from floppy.  I have a single user machine, the only networking
is ppp.

Now, until someone whips up and installer like the one that comes with
redhat, and installs it off the cdrom directly (w/o *any* floppy), then
Ill be up a creek w/o the floppy intallation.

Also, I generally only reinstall from scratch when my harddrive crashes.
And I usually install Linux first, so I dont even have the comfortable
base of dos to pull stuff off the cdrom and stuff.  Even in dos, its a
major pain to get the cdrom working.

Show me a computer that can boot off a cdrom... and gimme a cdrom that
will boot up debian...  And Ill buy it like a shot.

Or if anyone interested, make up a special ROM with kernel etc in it, so
the machine will boot from ROM...  Has anyone done this?

Don Dibos

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