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Re: Editor wars considered harmful

On Jun 22, Lars Wirzenius wrote
> [ Please don't Cc: public replies to me. ]
> Francesco Tapparo:
> > Of course ae will be used in the boot disks, but in the default
> > installation, joe must be the choiche, IMO.
> This is a editor war. Please don't continue it.
> .....................................

I apologize, if don't have explained well my concepts: I' don't want a
Joe-dependant debian. There are the facts: in a mail, Kai Henningsen said
that ae is the only user-friendly text-editor; I've answered that also Joe
is it. Here Joe is only an example.Than James Troub, in a _private_ email,
pointed out the fact that ae is 20K in size, and Joe 170K. Believing that
his mail was in debian-devel (my error), I've answered also there. But my
answer was only about his letter,that is obviously not int this list: the 
phrase "ae will be used in the boot disks, but in the default installation 
joe must be the choice" want say that, in the normal use, the 170K of Joe are 
not a problem; here I use the term joe because in the letter betwenn me and 
James Troub we speak about ae and joe but the same argument are suitable 
for ve,emacs,jed etc.
I hope that, with this my mail, the question will be resolved.

Francesco Tapparo

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