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Re: FW: [NTSEC] (Fwd) DESCHALL Press Release

> I have some computers up running in that challenge and I could easily
> contribute there output to the debian group, if we are going to have
> one. 
> So will we have one, or will we do it each one by himself?

It's up to you - nobody's really organized anything.  Some people are 
already running for debian@debian.org.  It's sort of fun watching
the team stats move up the chart if the team is large enough.

As I understand it, the Bovine RC5 challenge is just a continuation of
the zero.genx.net effort that was discontinued earlier (same clients,
different servers).

I'll probably release the "rc5-bovine" package with a default for the
debian@debian.org team, but that can be easily changed (just like the
previous "des-solnet" package).  I know that this is against Bruce's
wishes - but hey, it's not like we're organizing a mutiny or anything
(although Bruce seemed to take it that way last time).  :-)


 - Jim

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