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Re: FW: [NTSEC] (Fwd) DESCHALL Press Release

> People did complain that we were promoting Debian to the
> detriment of Linux.

Yes - but remember, some of the people participating in these
contests were acting pretty infantile.  Instead of focusing on solving
the problem, they want their team to be at the top of the 
list at all costs, including 'spamming' the servers to increase
their odds.

The people who wrote to you complaining about the fact that there 
was a debian@debian.org team were just trying to get people to
join their team - so they could get some more "nerd glory" or
something.  I'm surprised that you've taken them so seriously,
and that you think they even reflect the sentiments of even
a fraction of the Linux community.  

This is such a small thing -- nobody cares.  If you were to
take a poll of Linux people about this, they'd overwhelmingly vote for
'go away, I don't care'.

BTW, in case you didn't notice - we do compete with the other Linux
distributions every day -- for the honour of having our system installed
on users computers.  

But, I do agree that we shouldn't be competing against the wishes of the 
Linux community at large.

In summary:

    Why the hell do we have to be so damn politically correct?

I'm mostly in this for fun.  :-)


 - Jim

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